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Welcome to Swarnakaar Enterprises, beacon of excellence in Electrical & Electronics, where experience & Innovation meets excellence.

 With three decades of unwavering commitment, Our specialized expertise lies in the intricate design of PCBs, the installation of EV charging stations, solar stations, and more.

As a leading importer and distributor of electronic components, our mission is to facilitate the smooth functioning of the supply chain, a mission critical for any organization’s success. At Swarnakaar Enterprises, we are the backbone for OEMs, ODMs, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), and Repair Centers. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our direct imports from manufacturers and distributors worldwide, ensuring authenticity and cost-effectiveness.

Further, with our well-equipped R&D Labs and an experienced engineering team, boasting over 30 years of industry knowledge, are dedicated to Industrial Control repair.

 As a testament to our reliability, we proudly serve as the Authorized Vendor for Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors & JBM, specifically for DTC and cluster bus electronic failures. With a legacy of 30 years, we stand tall in empowering industries through a seamless blend of innovation and expertise in Electrical, Electronics, mechanical & automobile.

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